Check list: Before campaign start

Here are a few things, you should check, before your campaign begins. You can continue editing your campaign during the month, so you don't need to have everything ready, but we recommend that you plan at least a few days ahead... 

  • Have you updated the content for the sign-up page under 'During'?
    On the first day of the campaign, the sign-up page changes from 'Before' to 'During'. They are very similar, but you can have different text and images.

    Users signing up during the campaign, will receive a link to the doors page in the sign-up confirmation email.

    Update the 'During' sign-up page: 'Edit campaign > Sign-up page > During'

  • Are your daily emails set up correctly?
    When your campaign begins, the subscribers will receive their first mail with a link to the doors page. 

    Make sure the content of your daily mails is updated:
    'Edit campaign > Campaign > Daily mails'

  • Are your challenges set up correctly?
    Make sure that your daily challenges are just as you want them: 'Edit campaign > Campaign > Daily mails'

  • Remember to publish your changes
    When you have updated your campaign, use the Publish feature to push your updates to the live site.
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