Setting up challenges

You can set up a challenge for each day in your campaign.

The daily challenge has a headline, an introtext, the question and the answer options.

You kan have as many answer options as you like, but we recommend 2 - 4. For each answer, you can indicate if it is the correct answer. This is important if you have set up your prizes to choose winners only between those who has answered correctly.

After submitting the answer, the user is presented with a confirmation page. You can use this page to invite the user to visit your website.


Prizes on the challenge page

You can choose to show the daily prize or a custom image and text in the bottom of the page. 

On the confirmation page that the user sees after answering the challenge, you can choose to show the prize for tomorrow, today or a custom image and text.

Choose your preference for each day under

Edit campaign > Campaign

Tip: As the last day of your campaign doesn't have a prize for "tomorrow", this is set as default to "custom". Remember to check the custom text here and update it to your preference.

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