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A quick overview

The standard campaign flow

Campaigns is very configurable and you can create most campaign types. However the most common flow of a campaign is the following:

  1. Signup: The user signs up via the signup page or an API form
  2. Email: During the campaign, the user gets an email for each campaign period with a link to the periods challenge
  3. Challenge: The user clicks the link in the email and answers the question on challenge page
  4. Winner selection: The first day after the period has ended winners are selected for any of the prizes defined for the previous day, and published on the campaign website

Most will have the campaign change on a daily basis, but it is possible to make it change on for instance a weekly basis, making it possible to only send out emails on Tuesdays. Contact us if this is a requirement.

All campaigns are set up to have a start date and end date. The period before the start date we generally refer to as Before. The period between the start and end date we refer to as During while the period after the end date we refer to as After.

You can specify which pages are available when under:

Campaign Name Dropdown > Campaign Settings > Campaign Flow


Signup page

The signup page has three versions: before, during and after the campaign.

The content of the page reflects what stage the page is in. Before and after, it shows the general prize image. During it show the prize for the current day.

It is mandatory that the user enters name and email address to sign up. You can add more signup fields as needed. This information will be included when exporting the subscribers list. 

The user will receive a confirmation email soon after signup. During the campaign, this email will include a link to todays challenge.


Daily mails and challenges

All subscribers will receive a daily email with a link to the daily challenge. You can edit the content of this mail for each period.

Following the link in the email, the user opens the doors page. If you want, you can disable this and send the user directly to the challenge.

The challenge presents the user with a new question each day.


Preview and publishing

When you edit your campaign, your changes can be viewed using the preview feature. When you are ready, you can publish your changes and the live site will be updated.

Publishing takes a few minutes, but you can continue working on your campaign while the system published the files. 


Next step

When you receive your login to the administration page, your campaign already has demo content and is ready to test.

You will want to create your own graphics, update the text and adjust fonts.



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