Pop-up sign-up form on your own site

Promote your campaign by embedding a pop-up window with the sign-up form on your own website.


Enable the pop-up

Go to

     Settings ⚙️ > Campaign flow


Turn on 'Pop-up teaser' in three places: Before, during and after campaign start and click 'Save'.


Now a menu item called 'Pop-up' will show in 'Edit campaign'


Define your design and text

The 'Teaser' is a big "button", that will show on your site:


The 'Sign-up Form' is shown, when the user clicks the teaser.

It inserts the sign-up fields, you have defined under 'Sign-up page'


Preview your pop-up

You can use the preview function to see your design, but preview will not show the pop-up button and window in the correct sizes.

To get a more accurate preview, navigate to the 'Publish campaign'-page. In the 'Make a sign-up pop-up'-section, you will find a 'Test embed'-button. This will trigger the pop-up just as it will work on your site.

Please note that 'Test embed'-button will show the published version of the pop-up, so publish your campaign first before testing.


Embed your pop-up on your site

On the 'Publish campaign'-page, you will also find a code snippet to place on your website. It can be placed in the header of your page or any other place, depending on the options in your CMS.

You also have a few options regarding placement and behaviour of the button. Be aware that the code snippet changes according to you choices here.






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