Facebook Lead Ads integration via Zapier

You can integrate a Facebook ad with your campaign to make it easy for your Facebook users to sign up for your campaign.

Using Zapier, you can have Facebook transfer the users name, email and other information automatically.

Here are the basic steps. It will probably be useful if you have prior experience using Facebook and Zapier :-)

We will elaborate on this article in the future...

Before you continue, have this ready:

  • Facebook Ad and access to the account where it is set up
  • Zapier account
  • Your campaign id (contact us if you don't have it already)


1. Create a new Zap

2. Add 'Facebook Lead Ads' as trigger

3. Choose 'New lead' as event

4. Sign in to 'Facebook Lead Ads' and choose your Facebook account

5. Choose your Facebook page as 'Page' and your Facebook Ad as 'Form'

6. You should now be able to load a lead from Facebook in 'Find data'


7. Search for the 'Hi Leads' app. Contact us for an invite, if you can't find it.

8. Choose 'Add subscriber' as Action Event.

9. Click the button 'Sign in to Hi Leads...', which will open a new window. Enter your campaign id.

10. Customise subscriber:

Source Identifier (utm_source): Identify the source of the lead, e.g. 'zapier'

Medium Identifier (utm_medium): Choose medium, e.g. 'CPC'

Campaign Identifier (utm_campaign): Identify the campaign, e.g. 'fb-campaign'

Navn/Name: Click 'Show All Options' and choose 'Full name'

E-mailadresse/Email: Click 'Show All Options' and choose 'Email'

Jeg Accepterer/I accept: Choose 'Enable' (on)

11. Test and turn on your Zap






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