Track traffic sources with UTM parameters

If you want to know where your campaign traffic comes from, you can use UTM parameters.

A UTM parameter is a way to measure the effectiveness of your different sources of signups.

When ever you link to the signup page, you can add a UTM parameter to the link to identify which link the user clicked.

By default, we support the four most common UTM parameters; 'medium', 'campaign', 'source' and 'content'.

Add one or more UTM parameters to your URL like this:


This will identify the signup from this link as 'email'.

In the statistics page, you will find graphs for each UTM parameter under 'Subscriber insights':



You can use all three parameters at once like this:


Contact us, if you want to use other UTM parameters than 'medium', 'campaign', 'source' and 'content' :-)



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