Uploading images

Upload your logo

  1. In your Instore Studio solution, open a sign template with a logo.
  2. Click the edit icon on the logo to open image editor
  3. Click 'Select image' on the logo to open the file repository
  4. Now choose how you want your new logo to be available using the dropdown menu to the right: 
    • 'Add new to design' will make the logo available only to the sign you have open
    • 'Add new to group' will make the logo available to the group you are in, e.g. 'Multibuy skilte'
    • 'Add new to solution' will make the logo available to all signs in all groups
  5. Choose 'Add new' to browse to your SVG logo or simply drag you logo into the file repository window.
  6. Your logo is now ready to use




If you are uploading several logos, you can drag many SVG files into the file repository at once. They will all have the same availability. 

The coloured dot in the lower left corner of the image show its availability:

  • Green dot: Available only to the design
  • Orange dot: Available to the group 
  • Blue dot: Available to the solution (all signs)



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