Managing winners

How to choose a winner

In the winners tab, you can see an overview of all prizes where you can choose a winner. Use the recycle icon to cycle through possible winners.

When you have chosen a winner, you will receive an email notification. The winner name will automatically be published to the Prizes and winners page after 20 minutes. You can choose what info to show about the winner:

Edit campaign > Sign-up page > Sign up fields

You can exclude certain domains, such as your own company domain, to avoid choosing employees or yourself as winners.


How to choose another winner

If you want to change a winner, open the winner overview by clicking the link "See a summary of previously selected winners."

This brings up an overview of all winners.

Next to the winner you want to replace, click the link "Choose another":



This will open a menu where you can cycle through new winner suggestions using the recycle icon. Click the link "Select as winner" when you have found the new winner.

 Publish your campaign to have the prizes page show the new winner...



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