Check list: Before campaign end

Before your campaign ends, there are a few things, your should check:

  • Is your sign-up page updated?
    After the campaign, the sign-up page changes from 'During' to 'After'. On the  'After' page, it is no longer possible to sign-up.

    The prizes teaser at the bottom of the page no longer shows the daily prize, but you can use a more general prize image here.

    Update the 'After' sign-up page: 'Edit campaign > Sign-up page > After'

  • Is your 'Campaign end email' ready?
    Your subscribers will receive one last mail the day after the campaign ends.

    You can use this mail to say "thank you" for their participation.

    If you do not want us to send this mail, you can turn it off.

  • Remember to publish your changes
    When you have updated your campaign, use the Publish feature to push your updates to the live site.

  • Export your subscribers
    After the campaign has ended, you can download a list of all your subscribers. Use the link 'Download CSV file' in the bottom of the Subscribers page.


We hope you have enjoyed using Julekal for your campaign! :-)

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