Basically you pay per subscriber to your campaign.

The minimum price is 1.620 DKK, which includes a number of subscribers depending on campaign type.
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We offer a few extra features for which we charge separately:

Custom domain
Use your own domain instead of the standard domain for your campaign.
1.500 DKK

Premium template
Upgrade to our latest template with a more modern look.

1.500 DKK
SMS subscriptions
Your users can subscribe their email via SMS. Perfect for printed material. An additional 0.25 DKK per SMS subscription will be charged to cover SMS autoresponder costs.
1.500 DKK
SMS daily reminder
Your users can sign up for a daily SMS reminder. An additional 0.25 DKK per SMS sent will be charged. You only pay for sent SMS'es.
2.500 DKK
End user support
We reply to all requests from your users sent via the contact form. If a question is about your products, we will screen it and forward it to your customer service.
5.900 DKK
Campaign setup support
Get personal assistance setting up your campaign during office hours, including phone support and live chat.
 4.500 DKK
Buy a complete calendar
We create all graphics, questions and we set up the complete campaign. Includes free campaign setup support.
29.000 DKK
Custom template
If you have a special need, we can customize the standard template to fit your preferences. The quoted prize is for smaller changes. Please contact us to hear more. Everything is possible.
 4.000 DKK
Advanced templating
Make your own unique campaign
Customize every single HTML page, JS and CSS file, including behaviour. Set up the Edit Campaign tab for your clients or administrators. Duplicate the template as a base when creating new campaigns. Includes free campaign setup support 
39.000 DKK 


All prices are quoted without VAT

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