Export subscribers

To download a list of all subscribers, go to the Subscribers tab and find the export feature in the bottom of the page.

Click 'Generate CSV file' and we will build the file for you, and send you a link when it's ready.



User status:
'all users' will give you all subscribers that have ever signed up, including those who unsubscribed.
'only active users' will give you only the active users, not including those who unsubscribed.

Users marked as test users will never be included in the CSV file.

Choose a to and from date for your export. This will apply to the signup date

'all signup fields and answers' will give you the signup data and any answers to challenges we have registered for the subscriber
'only all signup fields' will just give you the signup information and exclude the challgenge answers
'only name and email' will give you just that.


You will receive an email with a link to downloading a CSV file with you subscriber data:

Signup information:
First the subscriber fields are listed, then the date of signup (Subscribed) and the date of last update to the signup information (Uddated).

Secondly each challenge is listed with the answer the subscriber has submitted. In this example: FEB 01; FEB 02; FEB 03

State at export:
Lastly you will find the subscriber state (Subscribed or Unsubscribed) at the time of the export.




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