Image formats

Our campaign system has been designed so that you, with only a few graphics and settings, will have a complete campaign that matches your own visual identity. 

Here is an overview of the graphics you need to create for the premium template:


Background image for sign-up

Used on the sign-up page.

Width: 1300 pixels
Height: Optional, less than 500 pixels recommended
Format: JPG or PNG




Used on all the web pages. 

Width: Optional
Height: Max 140 pixels

Format: JPG, PNG, SVG or GIF

Can be transparent (PNG, SVG or GIF). The logo will be placed on a background color (or image) of your own choice.

If you are using PNG er SVG format for the logo, you should upload a separate logo in JPG or GIF format for emails, because PNG and SVG is poorly supported in email clients.



Prize images

You need to make an image for each prize as well as a general prize image to be used on the signup page.

Width: Max 520 pixels
Height: Max 520 pixels
Format: JPG or PNG

The prizes are always shown on a white background color. On the prizes page the image will sometimes be toned down with a grey overlay.



Background for gateway

Background image for the gateway page.

Width: 1300 pixels
Height: Optional
Format: JPG or PNG

Remember to consider where you want the doors to be placed.

You can control the size and location of each door using our door editor.

A background color of your choice is shown beneath the image. You can make the image so that it fades into this solid color.



Open door (optional)

Width: Max 400 pixels
Height: Max 400 pixels
Format: JPG or PNG

The image is centered in the hole the open door leaves. You can use the same image for all doors or create an image for each door.



Todays challenge

The background image for the daily challenge can be the same as the one for the signup page, but you can also create a special image for this.

Width: 1300 pixels
Height: Optional
Format: JPG or PNG



Email image

Width: 640 pixels
Height: Optional
Format: JPG



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